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Ad agencyAAI goes beyond ad agencies and marketing firms to provide the specialized services that you need to address doctors, dentists, technology product buyers, healthcare and other vertical audiences on a professional basis.
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The media is not the message. As a Boston marketing agency with regional, national and international accounts, we know it is no longer enough to talk about information architecture, web 2.0, pay-per-click, search engine optimization, or using social media to build on-line communities. The challenge facing every Boston marketing agency is to integrate the new media into a cost-effective b2b marketing - or b2c marketing - program that can create interactivity while triggering the genuine interest needed to get optimum results.

AAI can show you how. Check out our client success stories. They show how interactivity is opening new markets, reducing selling costs, and establishing brand loyalty. We've written a series of white papers that show just how this is done. These AAI white papers detail ways to make interactive media a more effective sales channel and provide practical suggestions for maximizing trackable results.

As you can see, this web site is not about us; it is about the issues and opportunities facing you. Take a minute to explore our site and then contact us. AAI - the Boston marketing agency for the results you've been looking for.

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